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My name is Nicola Bird and I am a portrait artist. My aim is to capture on paper a unique and treasured moment that is special to you.  I work in coloured pencil, pastel and graphite and these mediums enable me to create highly detailed and realistic portraits. Each picture I draw has its own character and emotion and I love the challenge of recreating these qualities in my art. I meet some wonderful people and hear some lovely stories and I would love it if you chose to work with me to create a portrait that celebrates something or someone special to you.


I am very passionate about animal and pet portraits and it is a challenge and a pleasure for me to capture each animal's unique character and charm. I enjoy working with owners to learn more about their best friends and hear each pet's story.

I also enjoy creating images of a wide variety of subjects and you will see I draw still life subjects, people and wildlife. Please explore my website to find out about my commissioned art and get in touch if you have a special picture you would like to capture in graphite, coloured pencil or pastel.

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Coco - Bulldog (Coloured Pencil Portrait)