Recently, I was approached to paint a special animal portrait in acrylics on canvas. I have never worked with acrylics before and I felt nervous and excited to be given the opportunity to create such a portrait. It was a step outside of my comfort zone and in to the unknown! I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I love the bold opaque colours of acrylics and the rich creamy texture. Having previously worked with watercolours and been used to delicate washes and a very precise approach it was a joy to adopt a more daring and free style. The process of blending colours on the canvas was great fun and the ease with which paint layers could be covered and the image changed so instantly with one brush stroke was wonderful. I will be able to tell you more about the lovely subject of my painting and share the finished piece with you next week. I feel rather nervous to do so! I would definitely like to use this medium in the future - keep your eyes open for some more experimentation in acrylic!

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