Artist Tools - Swordfish Pencil Sharpener

I recently purchased a Swordfish 40100 Ikon Desktop Manual Pencil Sharpener and I am absolutely thrilled with it! I did a bit of research online and watched a few review videos and decided to opt for the Swordfish sharpener. It has a helical blade that allows you to achieve an excellent pinpoint tip to your pencil. The front plate holds the pencil very securely as you sharpen the pencil and it will stop as soon as the finest pencil point has been achieved so there is no wastage. The capacity of the shavings drawer is great and the clamp means it fits securely to your desk making it easy to use. For a little over £10 it was a great investment. I do have an electric pencil sharpener too but having bought and tried this one I will not go back to it. I hope this is a helpful review for anyone looking for an inexpensive and very effective sharpener.

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