Drawing and listening

When I first picked up a paint brush again, early in 2018 (coloured pencils are a recent discovery!), I would spend hours at a time focusing intently on my work in my own little art bubble. I loved rediscovering the joy of painting but I found the atmosphere I drifted into in my bubble was rather intense and withdrawn. I worked in silence and it felt a little bit lonely. So, I decided to seek company during my working hours. I started out by having the television on but quickly discovered that trying to watch something and draw/paint at the same time does not work. I thought I might be able to listen and watch along now and again but I found the programme irritating and distracting and so I gave up on that idea. Next, I tried the radio. Surely some relaxing or upbeat music would enhance my day to day experience at work?! Nope. I found the music very quickly became noise and I had to turn it off. What next? Audio books! I purchased the first Harry Potter book - I have read the book and seen the film (of course!) so the story was not new to me which I thought might help with me following along. It felt like I had put on a cosy jumper as soon as Stephen Fry's voice began telling the story and I had found my company! I am now addicted to audio books. I seem to be able to drift along in my bubble and immerse myself in the story - perfect!

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