Fundraising for Guide Dogs for the Blind

When I started my business I decided I wanted to undertake work to support some local and national charities. Through walking our lovely dog Vesper I made contact with a fellow dog walker who volunteers for the Solihull branch of the Guide Dogs charity. We got to thinking about how we could work together and the idea of a charity raffle was born!

I offered to donate a commission and it was decided that this would become the prize for the raffle. We designed some tickets and reached out to individuals and local businesses to help us sell them. A big thank you to everyone that got involved - we raised over £650 which is a fantastic total! I attended the Solihull Guide Dogs branch meeting this week and pulled the winning ticket! Watch this space for an update with the completed commission.

It feels great to have contributed to a very special charity. The Guide Dogs charity provides support to people via a number of extremely valuable services including:

- CustomEyes large print books

- Access technology and grants

- Education support

- Family support

- Guide Dogs

- Movement Matters

You can find out more about the Guide Dogs charity at

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