Nothing ventured, nothing gained....

As a new artist trying to build a business I am finding the process of generating interest and a following on social media a little tricky! I must admit I did not really have a presence on Facebook or Instagram prior to starting my art journey. I am still far from savvy in this new online world but I am trying my best to create interesting posts and engage with other artists. I have joined a few art groups on Facebook and I have to say it is wonderful to interact with other people who are creative and interested in drawing. I have found the members of "Colored Pencil Tips and Resources" and "Art by Rhia - Art Sharing and Advice/Tips" to be generous with their advice and critique and so supportive of each others work. It is funny how isolated you can feel as an artist, it is a solitary activity most of the time, but having a community to share and discuss ideas, post latest works and ask advice is fantastic. It has enhanced my experience, my knowledge and my confidence which is invaluable.

I have been looking in to ways to build your presence as an artist and broaden your reach. One such way is to enter your work in to competitions.

So, I have decided to enter the "The Artist and Leisure Painter" Open 2019 competition. Eeek! I realise the chance of being selected for any kind of endorsement is very slim but I figure nothing ventured nothing gained!! Wish me luck!

"Peek a boo"

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