People portraits - a new avenue!

When I started my art business earlier this year I had envisaged drawing animals only. I did not expect to be commissioned to draw a lovely couple on their wedding day or to enjoy drawing them so much! I have always been very nervous about drawing people portraits because you have to get it right. There is very little room for error when capturing the true likeness of someone and it is so easy for a portrait to be "just not quite right". I actually thought I would find the process more stressful than enjoyable and proceeded with great caution but as soon as I started drawing the figures and building up the details I was hooked. It is so satisfying to see the faces of your subjects emerge as you work and there is something lovely about drawing a wedding photo. You have to look at this photo over and over and study the details - it is an image of pure happiness and it made me feel very happy drawing it.

A Bordeaux Wedding - The Happy Couple

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