Pitt Pastel Pencils - A pure delight!

Since starting to draw again last year, I have enjoyed finding and following other artists. There are some amazing coloured pencil artists out there and their work inspires me and helps me to improve my own technique. During my research I have also discovered a number of pastel artists and after seeing the results that can be achieved with this medium I have been itching to have a go myself. I was very excited to find a 60 piece Faber-Castell set for sale after Christmas and I couldn't resist!! I completed my first ever pastel drawing last week - the Heron picture below. The texture of the pencils is, as expected, much softer than the polychromos coloured pencils I am used to but I found I was still able to create a high level of detail. The pencils blend very nicely and layer well which makes them very enjoyable to use. The two pencil mediums can be used together which really appeals to me - I will be experimenting in the coming weeks! Going forward, I plan to offer commissions in both pastel and coloured pencil which gives prospective clients more choice and gives me variety and flexibility in my work. It feels wonderful to keep learning new things and I think it is fair to say I have developed a penchant for pastels!!

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