Social media - advice please!

I started my business a year ago and I am thrilled with the opportunities I have had to draw portraits for people. I had no idea how I would find work or what the reception would be. It can be hard to have confidence in your artwork and trust in your abilities. I frequently look at the work of other artists and feel rather daunted about putting my own portraits out in to the world. But, I love drawing and I want to push myself to improve and create portraits that move people.

Most of my commissions have been by word of mouth which is great but I would love to reach a larger audience. One of the struggles I have is mastering the art of social media! It has never come naturally to me. I have a Facebook page, Instagram account and my website and I try to post on them regularly but I have to admit I find it a challenge! I haven't dared venture on to Twitter yet! In particular I struggle to know how to gain followers. I managed to hit on hashtag gold in one Instagram post and had over 600 likes (which still might be quite small to many of you?!) but it has never happened again which has been very disappointing! If anyone has any advice on how to maximise the use of hashtags I would be very grateful! I might try a couple of Facebook ads...what do you think? I might try a competition and ask people to submit a photo to my website to be in with the chance of winning a free portrait.....I like that idea, I better look in to it!

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