It was our beautiful Miniature Schnauzer Vesper who inspired me to pick up a pencil again. She joined my husband and I in May 2017 and she has changed our lives in the most wonderful way. Vesper is a real character; she is friendly, inquisitive, playful and cheeky. She has some particular obsessions including white tissues, gloves (especially ones with a hand inside!), cherry tomatoes and Greek yoghurt! She loves a fleece blanket and a cuddly toy and insists on two good walks a day. Vesper is my constant companion and often sits next to me in my art room with her paw on my knee while I work. I have watched her mature and observed many endearing behaviours and funny moments. I began sketching various scenarios that had made me laugh or captured her personality. This got me hooked on drawing again and as such I have much to thank her for! My husband is keen for me to draw or paint her portrait but for some reason I feel a bit nervous about it. I find myself pondering the details - it has to be the perfect picture after all. At some point I will take on the challenge but I might just think about it for a bit longer...….

Vesper Bird

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